A person dependent on somebody else for everything from potatoes to opinions may declare that he is a free man, and his government may issue a certificate granting him his freedom, but he will not be free. He is that variety of specialist known as a consumer, which means that he is the abject dependent of producers. How can he be free if he can do nothing for himself? What is the First Amendment to him whose mouth is stuck to the tit of the “affluent society”? Men are free precisely to the extent that they are equal to their own needs. The most able are the most free.

Wendell Berry

Taken from his essay “Discipline and Hope,” written in 1972.


The Guy that inspired Bright Eyes


The externalized costs of our consumerist lifestyle.  Seen and felt, but not by us.



I appreciate Jack Johnson’s anti-consumerist vibe in Gone.

Look at all those fancy clothes,
But these could keep us warm just like those.
And what about your soul? Is it cold?
Is it straight from the mold, and ready to be sold?

And cars and phones and diamond rings,
Bling, bling, because those are only removable things.
And what about your mind? Does it shine?
Are there things that concern you, more than your time?


Full lyrics here: http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/jackjohnson/gone.html


Food Babe telling her story


I used Kombucha to kick my soda habit.  This is where I buy mine from now.


Organic food shortage hits US. I see this as a good thing.